moderated Re: Member receiving msgs from non-subscribed groups #bug


Hi Larry,

On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 8:41 AM Larry McVoy <lm@...> wrote:

One thought I had was would it be possible to create the role of "helper" which was like a moderator but when you set that role up, you click on the capabilities that you want to give them. That way a moderator could add a helper, click on verify, and they have some more help.

That sounds like what moderators are right now? Owners have full permissions, moderators have (potentially) limited permissions. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding?


And is there anything that we, as non-devs, can be doing to help beat back these trolls? Doesn't seem fair that it is all on you.

I appreciate the offer! The troll beating is fairly automated at this point, and continually evolving. Fortunately, I have many signals to use in determining if someone is a spammer. One of those signals is if someone has been banned from a group; another is if their posts have been rejected (although these current spammers don't seem to be into sending group messages). So, moderators are already helping. :-)


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