moderated Re: Allow adding attachment in an edit #suggestion


>>>you can currently edit a message to DELETE a file. How does that not result in a mismatch between the archive and the email any more than adding a file does?<<<
One can also paste in an image (although that's not always successful/holds its place.)

If I edit/resend (or even not resend)  I put a note [EDIT] - to indicate what was changed. 
Typically not, if it's gramma ore punkuation oar spelling correktions .   
Sometimes after a brain freeze, I have to do an [EDIT 2]  DUH!

Possibly there should be a user-completed tag when editing that gets inserted into the message (more than simply "Edited message follows"

I am leaning toward not allowing save w/o sending although I really prefer to be able to do minor text edits (certainly not deleting or replacing images/attachments w/o sending out a notice.)  There doesn't seem to be an easy answer to this that also maintains consistency/accuracy between online/emailed messages.  One could see a potential problem by changing a file name as well, if someone saved a file and it's then different than the one in the record. Not fatal, but still....

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