moderated #suggestion for a weekly/monthly digest feature #suggestion

Shlomo Dowen

We have many discussions on a variety of different topics, but not everyone is interested in every discussion. However, because the reasons our members might find a particular topic of interest are so varied, simply dividing topics by subgroup or hashtag would add to the complexity (and the administrative burden) but wouldn't make it much easier for people to filter their messages to access only the ones they were interested in.

As such, what our members have asked for is an option for weekly or monthly digests that list all the topics with new posts during that week or month so that they can review them to ensure they haven't missed anything of interest.

It would be even better if there was an option for the list of topics to be accompanied by information such as who started the thread and who took part in it and how many replies it attracted (both cumulatively and during the month).

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

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