moderated Re: Problem with photo albums - #bug

Margo Seegrist

Bruce and Mark- I only deleted one of them after I got the error message.  I read Mark's email this morning about his updates so I immediately went back to the album and tried again - still the error 404 message.

I'm not sure how that ctrl F5 is supposed to work but after I read the message you sent, Bruce, I went back to the album and clicked on all 3 photos in the album and did the ctrl F5 on each one.  I still get the error 404 message only on that one photo.
I even came out of the album, went back in, clicked ctrl F5 without being "in" a photo and still get the error message.
Again, I don't see anything happening when I do the ctrl F5.  Generally I at least see a flicker as it refreshes itself.

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