moderated New group message and chat message notifications #update


Hi All,

As part of the work on the app, I've added two additional notifications, one for when messages are sent to the group and one for when messages are sent to a chat you're subscribed to. They are listed in your Subscription page, under Member Notifications. They are checked by default.

Since the app is not currently generally available yet, the only way you'd see these notifications is if you've got notifications enabled in your web browser (under Account -> Notifications). Which is a small percentage of the population. That said, I will not turn on the sending of these notifications until Monday, March 29th, which will give people time to uncheck the boxes if they wish. Again, even if the boxes are checked, and it's after Monday, you'll never see a notification unless you've configured your browser to accept them.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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