moderated Formatting of Individual Photo Description in an Album display bug #bug


Following o riginally posted on GMF message No. 37496 and validated and described by Christos G. Psarras as follows in message no. 37497:

> This does look like a display bug, on the text/label control which is displaying the caption, it doesn't respect the CR/LF/etc.<
> I'd report it on beta so Mark can become aware of it.<

How can one insert a "Carriage return and Line feed" or in computer speak an "End of Line Character" within the description field of the photo?

I have tried using "Shift+Enter" (which works on FB, WhatsApp etc.) and this does seem to produce a blank line / new paragraph in the "Edit" mode, but once one saves the change the text all runs together without the paragraph / space.

If one then goes to "Edit" again, the blank line / paragraph space is visible, so .. stuck

Can you assist, please?

I found this on line but I'm guessing this is a change to the site code that Mark would need to program.

Thank you


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