moderated Re: Several FILES improvements #suggestion



You said:

You didn't comment on my earlier [re main page]

Yes I did, you might have missed it. 

You said:
It crossed my mind that you might have been interpreting All members can post to the Group as including "members can upload File & Photos", which it doesn't

Nope, I intentionally kept the discussion centered on uploading permissions, not posting permissions. 

You said:
Have you been able to check whether the group in question really does allow members to upload files and photos?

Trying to.  It’s a sailing group of specific boat owners.  
The owner sold her boat so the group is sort of on autopilot.  I did make contact but haven’t gotten an answer yet ( I think her group email is rarely checked.) But we will eventually work our way to the bottom of the hole. 
Regardless of that outcome, the #Suggestion are still valid as the notifications, warnings, etc that I highlighted up are not there and would be nice for both members and owners/mods to have. 


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