moderated Re: Several FILES improvements #suggestion



thx for the RFQ.  Home Main Page LOL.  To wit:

You’re right Chris, I could have been misinterpreting it (but I just checked and wasn’t - whew. (There’s a little over 1MB used between files/photos/attachments.)  I would hope if storage is exceeded there would be a warning dialog or the NEW pull-down would show a message like “Hey member go get your group owner to ante up and move to the next plan.”  
Or the upload option should be grayed-out or some warning indication provided.   

So, if that’s not the case, add that to the #Suggestion.

There could be a downside I’m not thinking of, but it would seem that having a summary of the storage available/current allocation would also be helpful to display on the Home Page, rather than needing to look in multiple locations for it?  There could also be a warning there for exceeded, or percent, etc  
Note, the group has used 99% of its 1GB storage allocation.”


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