moderated Re: Several FILES improvements #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 07:04 PM, KWKloeber wrote:
The group's main page shows the FILES permissions (e.g., Members can view and upload files, etc., etc.) 
I think some clarification is called for. You said "main page"; did you mean Home Page? I ask because I cannot find any group where that particular bit of information is provided on the Home Page; as written the only place I know of (memory failures excepted!) where that wording appears is on the Settings page, which is not available to non - moderators. 

A member thinks he should be able to upload a file but cannot (the group must be locked except to MODs only.).

Your conclusion may be incorrect; it may be that the group in question has reached the limit of its storage allowance in which case further uploads are not allowed. If the member concerned looks at the Files and Photos sections front pages he will find figures for how much space has been used by each category. (The information is also available elsewhere but only to moderators with the correct permissions.)


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