moderated Several FILES improvements #suggestion


Re FILES, have suggestions/requestions that:

  1. The group's main page shows the FILES permissions (e.g., Members can view and upload files, etc., etc.)  A member thinks he should be able to upload a file but cannot (the group must be locked except to MODs only.).
  2. Have the pull-down list on the NEW button reflect the FlLES permissions (e.g., don't show a choice to Upload file if members don't have that permission.)
  3. The ability for a MOD to lock folders (I use a folder specifically for Wki files and would like to lock it.)
  4. The ability to choose who can edit a file (e.g., MODs, original member, any member, etc.)
  5. Another admin setting - permissions for non-members (ie, public) to View (not edit) FILES (and PHOTOS too.)  It's a PITA to share the info w/ a member of a sister forum that has common interests.  (i.e., it would be helpful to be able to share a permalink so a non-member can view a photo or a file.)  Example - I want to show another widget aficionado (on the Widgets-R-Us Forum) how I repaired my broken antique widget.  Can't -- no easy way to view a photo or file.  Must download and email them or repost them on that forum or io group.  Seems archaic.    
  6. Most important, thx and have a great week Mark

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