moderated Hide Locked topics #suggestion

WB5JJJ - George <wb5jjj@...>

In a couple of groups I frequent, the admins have Locked and Pinned so many topics that it is becoming a bit overwhelming. 

I use a larger text font (150%) than most folks and that eliminated the "menu" on the left side (OK), but it puts a very LARGE menu-type dialog at the bottom of the page in its place.  Typically, I have to scroll down a bunch to get past all the clutter at the top in order to get to a current topic. 

It seems that some owners of these groups just lock and pin everything, and that causes problems.  Many of them were/are relevant, informative and of interest ONCE, but not every time I visit the page.  So, I would like to suggest that users be given the ability to HIDE any locked or pinned topic so I would not be occupying real estate that could be used for new topics.  Of course, one might want to unhide a topic, so some sort of mechanics to do this would also be necessary.  


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