moderated Re: Member receiving msgs from non-subscribed groups #bug


re: "Out of curiosity, why would you allow members that you can't speak with?"

It is an international group.  I might be in the minority as American.  I know there are Vietnamese members and many others.  I don't speak Vietnamese or Belarusian or Hindi, and maybe none of our other Moderators do.  Everything in the group happens in English, which forces many of them to use online translators or co-workers to try to converse with the rest of us in English.  The content of the group is rather technical, so 90% of it is tech-talk without the need to really understand the language beyond the main points.

I think we would know it if someone was spamming the group.

(What does bother me is we're not stopping read-only "bad guys" from joining / reading about us.  I'll grant you that.  So far, it's a small price.  I'm sure others have a different opinion on that.)


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