moderated Re: Email System Reporting as Potential Spam #bug

Derek Milliner


I would have a close look at the whole message details (i.e. including all of the headers from the message). will not have claimed to be sending "on behalf of IEEE" but your address will have turned up in the headers. It's entirely possible that either the mail servers or (more likely) your mail client are mis-interpreting part of the header trail, in particular the "From:" header, giving the response you've posted. Sometimes it's as simple as the mail client saying in effect "I can't quite figure this, over to you".

In general terms, if you're confident that a message is genuine, clicking the "Looks safe" / "Not Spam" / <whatever option depending upon you mail client> should tell the mail system to trust the sender, which should stop the warning. Inevitably varies from system to system, though.

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