moderated Stricter treatment of invalid hashtags #bug

Peter Cook

This seems to me to lie somewhere between a suggestion and a bug.

We use hashtags a lot in my premium group, which is set up so that members can only use existing hashtags; if an invalid hashtag is used. the message is kicked back. But if someone puts a hashtag in the subject line and inadvertently follows it with a punctuation mark (for example, "#FREE:" instead of the valid hashtag "#FREE"), the message is not kicked back. It goes right on through and of course the string is not recognized as a hashtag. However, if someone were to send a message with the string "#FREEP," it would be treated as invalid. 

I'd like to see stricter rules so that any string in the subject line beginning with # is seen as an invalid hashtag unless it corresponds precisely to an existing one. So "#FREE:" would be treated as an invalid hashtag just as "#FREEP" would, and the message would be kicked back.


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