moderated Follow-up message to a request to join a group #suggestion

Hank Seamon

We have an owners group (Roadtrek RV).  The usual procedure is a Moderators has a notice that they joined via PayPal.  When we receive the notice a Moderator will sign them up and notify them about the email discussion (CyberRally) options, etc.

BUT, once in a while someone will get the 'subscribe' notice and send us a request to join. The hitch is we do not necessarily know anything other than their email address on the request.

We then have to dig into records with only their email address to see if they are a member.

REQUEST:  I there a way to have that 'subscribe' email generate a follow-up email to that person asking for more informaton. It could be a general message or, optionally, edited for the specific group so that any group could modify that message.


1) request to join received with only an email
2) would like an automatic email to that person asking for more information.
3) the message could be general for all groups or be modified to each groups request.

Hank S.
Littlestown, PA
One mailbox from a Gettysburg address

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