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They won’t be inundated unless they follow a whole bunch of topics (including replying to topics, which now implies following). If they’re inactive, they’ll continue to receive nothing at all.

On Mar 9, 2021, at 7:12 AM, Drew <> wrote:

"No email" will be far less problematic. People who have opted to limit their incoming email in a high-traffic group will not appreciate suddenly being inundated with dozens of emails and having to change their subscription options to fix it again. It will result in spam labeling and unsubscriptions, plus complaints and help requests to owners.


On 03/09/21 09:25, JohnF via wrote:
I would lean toward No Email as being less problematic. (Someone suddenly getting a lot of traffic unexpectedly when they were getting none, without any action on their part, is going to lead to greater likelihood of labeling the messages as spam.)
However, if you send out a one-time admin message explaining "Your mail options have been reset for the following groups" with instructions on how to fix it if they want the mail, I think that will fix the problem for most users.


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