moderated Re: blocking #misc


On Tue, Mar 9, 2021 at 01:20 AM, Tony Moody wrote:
The issue with this IP address is that somehow one of our trap addresses
has found its way onto the mailing list
We would never subscribe an address to a list and certainly would never
confirm a subscription to a mailing list.
However, stuff happens, so I did unsubscribe the address from the
list... twice.  The mail from continues,
causing the IP to be listed again.
I think I'm beginning to see what happened.  My theory:

1. Haitianploitics direct added the trap address.  [Personal Note: This is where some indication of Premium/Enterprise status on a group's home page would be useful to me.)
2. The GIO site got blacklisted when a message was sent to the trap address (that bounced.)
3. Spamcop unsubscribed the address twice.
4. GIO attempted to resend the bounced message to the trap address.
5. Spamcop put GIO back on the blacklist.

This assumes (I know, most often a bad idea) that the bouncing message was resent from the GIO queue, even though the trap address had unsubscribed.  If true, GIO should be cleared after a couple of weeks when the trap address goes into Bounced status and the unsubscribe takes effect.

My gut feeling is that the overall problem is with email services, particularly smaller ones, relying only on spamcop for filtering.  Even the spamcop site says not to do this, to use their service in conjunction with whitelists and other evaluation methods.

Maybe there's something in there that will help resolve the situation.


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