moderated Re: Retaining Thread after change the original subject #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 01:38 PM, John Pearce wrote:
I do not object to some facility that would allow you to maintain the thread when you change a subject.  I would like you to be required to take some specific action to do so each time you change a subject.
I agree with John on this. One of the problems I encounter is members picking up an old emails from the group, changing the subject and starting to discuss something completely different. If threading was done automatically by message id it would break the expected connection between topic subject and the actual text of messages.

if you find yourself wanting to adjust topic subjects for clarity then why not moderate the first message of each new topic and ensure the subject is clear to start with. See the Spam Control options on the Group settings page:

Having it sorted from the outset would save multiple updates for following messages and potential topic merges afterwards.


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