moderated view/change plan #bug


Either there's misinformation on my View/Change Plan page or I've misunderstood the recent pricing changes.  I have a group that was created on 01/14/20.  I upgraded it to Premium on 12/29/20.  On the View/Change Plan page, it shows the member limits on the Premium and Enterprise levels (but not on Basic), along with the payment calculator at the bottom.  On the Billing page, it shows renewal will be $220.  I believe this last is correct, as legacy payment status, but don't understand why it would show member limits on the View/Change Plan page.  I realize it's a bit complicated to keep straight with the various grandfathering clauses being used, but would appreciate being able to see correct information, assuming I've correctly understood how it should work.

BTW, it isn't a real problem for me since it's a test group that I upgraded to 'donate' to GIO, as well as being able to test paid features, but others may be more concerned at some point.


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