moderated Make group search sort by whichever criterion the user has highlighted/selected #suggestion


Even though on the "Find a Group" page "Most Popular" is at the top left followed by "Most Active," with "Newest" third in the list, when you actually do a search it defaults to sorting by Newest every time. This happens no matter which is highlighted at the time of the search. You can have "Most Active" highlighted, for example, and the search still jumps to and sorts by "Newest." You can get a sort by anything only *after* the search has completed with sort on Newest.

This seems weird, especially since Newest is third in the list. I suggest that the sort order be whatever is highlighted at the time of the search. The default for that is currently the top one, which is Most Popular. But if the user selects something else before doing the search, I see no reason why it should jump back to Newest every time rather than sort by whatever they selected.

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