moderated user inconsistently 510s #bug

Glenn Glazer

This has happened before to this member. They are a member of the group, with only this address and sometimes it bounces back to them and sometimes it doesn't. Retrying the same email seems to work after the first bounce, but this is clearly a PITA for Jim.

Could there be something causing an intermittent lookup failure?



-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Help! They're treating me like a leper!
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2021 20:09:12 -0500
From: Jim Caughran <caughranjim@...>
To: Glenn Glazer <glenn.glazer@...>

Your message couldn't be delivered to because the remote server is misconfigured. See the technical details below for more information.
The response from the remote server was:

510 5.1.1 Your email address, caughranjim@..., is not subscribed to that group.

Some sort of glitch. The second attempt may have succeeded. Computers should enforce consistent reaction. Bleah!

Jim Caughran

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