moderated Updating a file in Files-Search mode doesn't work #bug


Hi Mark,

See attached, if one is in Files search mode (/filessearch?q=...), clicking on a file's 'Update' icon brings up an empty/incomplete dialog.  Attempting to enter something* and clicking on 'Update' does nothing and goes back to the top Files level with no search term. (*I only tested the description field)

Out of curiosity I tested the Move & Delete functions in the filessearch page and they worked, albeit the Delete dialog did not give the option to "Notify Members" as deleting it through the normal Files pages.  Both of the Move & Delete actions also take you back to the top Files level with no search term; in the normal pages, all three take you back to the same page/folder.

Also, not sure if by design, but there is the Flag/Report icon as an option in the normal Files pages but it's not there in the filessearch page.


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