moderated Re: Member receiving msgs from non-subscribed groups #bug

Donald Hellen

Andy . . .

On Mon, 22 Feb 2021 19:12:24 -0800, "Andy" <>

As I say, in almost every case, the messages they send to us (to the +owner address) sound suspicious, as if not by someone actually wanting to be removed. I think they just randomly send these "Unsubscribe me" emails to "+owner" addresses. I don't know why but maybe they want us to reply to them, so they can get MY email address and add me to their spam list. It seems unlikely but I can't think of another reason.
Are these members of the group or non-members?

I haven't received anything like this but I'll be aware of it now. If
they're a member, after reading this, I would just remove them from
the group once I validate the message header.


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