moderated Re: Allow images in Member Notices #suggestion


>    "Add via URL"/<img src>, same as we currently have in the wiki editor, wouldn't need storage.
> That's the work-around that I'm currently using, and it works, if you know html and are willing to edit in source code mode.

Ohh, I learned something new today, didn't realize you could trick it like that.   I now notice the source code button being there in the expanded toolbar, I never bothered to expand it because the image buttons were not there.


> If course, if you ever delete or move the image at the source, it leaves a dead link in your Member Notice.

True, diligence would be needed.  What could help reduce the chance of it happening is using group storage in this case, a link from your Files (that's what I did with our groups so this way the graphics could be reused in the wiki -or elsewhere- without the "AddNew" duplication), or, if no Files, sent an email to the group with the graphic, lock the topic, then use the URL is using for that file, as that won't/shouldn't change since emails went out with it.


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