moderated Re: #bug event times in /feed are all 8 hours out #bug

Malcolm Austen

Thanks Mark, I will give it a proper look, with some varying settings of time zones, tomorrow.

On a very quick look, it seems good. I have two comments though ...

1. for 'all day' events, you are showing the time (as 00:00) which wasn't shown before and probably should not be showing now.

2. the new coding still ignores my preference setting for the date display. This is unchanged from before so may be intended? If it is intended, I will submit it as a separate bug :-)


Malcolm Austen <malcolm.austen@...>

On 17/02/2021 21:00:15, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:


I've made some substantial changes in both how our javascript helper files are delivered as well as the code to display the actual event times. Please let me know if that fixes the problem.


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