moderated Invalid All+R combo (due to the new SubScreen changes) left in the user db table #bug


Hi Mark,

If you did run a query to update the user table with the new Replies-under-Following enforcement then I have no idea why this happened ...  but if you didn't run such a query then it would explain what I just noticed today in the MyGroups screen with my docs subscription:

That R shouldn't be there by itself, not anymore based on the new rules.

This would also explain my #bug post regarding docs topics appearing in my FollowedTopics list.  I must had set docs to R only (with All) to test something related to following and the user settings screen proposal back in January, but I cannot remember for sure, January was a bit hazy ... but it would explain this, I was fooled:  When I noticed the docs topics being in my FollowedTopics list 3 days ago, and not realizing then I must had done it (because I normally use F+FF+R), I went to check my docs subscription but the new changes "hid" the checked Replies I had set from back then, so it fooled me into believing I was set to Single+All for docs, when in reality I was Single+All+R ... and that fooling prompted me to post the aforementioned bug post.


To make sure this is what it was, I set my docs subscription to F+R, saved, and it showed correctly as F+R in MyGroups; then set it to All and F+R went away as expected.

An update query could be run against the user table and update anyone who has All+R to F+R, I'm sure I'm not the only one that may had it set up like that.  This will remove the invalid combo and prevent this condition from happening. 

Or do it as it comes up, adjust the sub settings loading to where, even if the Save button is not clicked, it still does the new R-under-F-only rule check and if found, update the screen and also the data record to change it to F+R.  This method would however still retain the invalid combo in the user table and only change it if the user goes in the sub settings screen.

Or something similar, or even do nothing, this is not a show-stopper, but it could generate unnecessary support emails or GMF/GH tickets due to confusion if not addressed.


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