moderated Re: Photo Album Ordering #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 10:58 PM, Jen Weber wrote:
On the interface looking at a picture in a album...the "download" button.  I never hit that, because I don't want to save photos to my computer, which is what I generally think of as "downloading".
Jen -- When you click the Download button, the file is sent as a binary data stream. What is subsequently done with the file depends on browser settings.

With JPEGs and other supported image formats, most browsers simply display the image [again]. It is possible to reconfigure your browser to do otherwise, or to force a download from the server side (using the "download" attribute in HTML5). I'm told this was once investigated but caused other problems.

PLEASE can the regular URL that we see when we navigate to the photo album be this second one, with the file name included?  This would eliminate so much confusion!
I can tell people to click the download button, but I am SURE very few people will figure this out otherwise.  Maybe even get rid of the download button, or make it actually bring up a save menu (if we set permissions as moderators/owners to allow file saving, though).
The "intermediate view" (for lack of a better term) allows you to move the photo to another location, edit its metadata, or assign it as a cover photo for the enclosing album. I don't know how we would accomplish those objectives if it were eliminated... a complete proposal needs to address this.

All that said, a URL that is stable as other photos within the album are moved/deleted would be handy. It's been suggested more than once. It would probably require a new data structure for albums (perhaps a linked list).


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