moderated Re: unify moderation response #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 12:14 AM, Glenn Glazer wrote:

As it stands though, there is a logical separation of moderator actions in the current approach as you Reply to Approve or tap/click a link to Reject or Delete; thereby eliminating the risk of tapping/clicking the wrong link if an Approve link was present.  Anything that reduces the chance of the wrong option being selected is a plus point for me (and the Discard button on the Web UI was recently moved to prevent accidental use) so I would say keep the notification email as it is.

Well you could say the same thing of the situation now, one could click reject when they meant delete or vice-versa. While I grant human error exists, I tend to think more highly of people who sign up to be admins and moderators as being rather more savvy than the average group member. I think going after 100% error free user interfaces results inevitably in loss of reasonable functionality, making it less useful rather than more so.
Nobody is talking about 100% error free and that can never be the case when you ass human interaction into the mix.

When you receive an email notification for a pending message your primary decision is "Do I approve this?" If your answer is Yes then you Reply. If your answer is No then you have a secondary decision "Reject or Delete?".  It's probably less important to make a wrong decision between Reject or Delete than it is to mistakenly approve a message when it should not have been or to Reject/Delete a message when it should have been approved. So, the fact that the Approve and Reject/Delete actions employ different techniques is entirely logical and helps to avoid mistakes.


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