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Glenn Glazer

On 02/13/2021 15:12, Andy Wedge wrote:
On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 09:51 PM, Glenn Glazer wrote:
Ease of use for the moderator. You keep focusing on the sender part, which is actually not relevant to the proposal.

I'm not saying get rid of the email response, I'm saying that different moderators have different use cases and that having both supports everyone. If you don't need the link, don't use it.
The current links at the bottom of a notification email for Reject and Delete are Mailto: links which start a new email whereas the action required to approve a message is to reply to the notification.  What you are really asking for is a Mailto: link that starts a new email that can be used to approve a message rather than use an email client reply function.

Exactly, though I would say "in addition to" instead of "rather than".

I don't think the way you phrased your original suggestion was very clear and use of the term 'do not notify the sender' doesn't make sense in terms of a message being approved. 

Possibly. It was clear to me when I wrote it ;) but clearly also there's been some confusion. Which is why we have dialog. I hope the intention is clear now.

As it stands though, there is a logical separation of moderator actions in the current approach as you Reply to Approve or tap/click a link to Reject or Delete; thereby eliminating the risk of tapping/clicking the wrong link if an Approve link was present.  Anything that reduces the chance of the wrong option being selected is a plus point for me (and the Discard button on the Web UI was recently moved to prevent accidental use) so I would say keep the notification email as it is.

Well you could say the same thing of the situation now, one could click reject when they meant delete or vice-versa. While I grant human error exists, I tend to think more highly of people who sign up to be admins and moderators as being rather more savvy than the average group member. I think going after 100% error free user interfaces results inevitably in loss of reasonable functionality, making it less useful rather than more so.



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