moderated Photo Album Ordering #suggestion

Jen Weber

Hi there.

I am a member of groups that use a lot of photos to communicate.

In order to share or link a photo, we all just copy/paste the url of the photo.  These url's are coded to identify each photo based on their place in the album (rather than using their name or some other fixed variable.)

But whenever a new photo is added to an album, it is filed alphabetically, and the other photos have their numerical 'place" shifted.
What this means is that as soon as a new photo is added to an album, most of the links in messages to photos now point to the wrong photos, because photo ID's have changed but the posted url does not change with it.

This is extremely frustrating for myself and other group members.  Short of making a lot of new folders/albums, this becomes very hard to deal with.

I would suggest that either the URL generated for the photo contain the name of the photo rather than the place in the album.  If that is not a workable solution (which, as a non-coder, i understand it might be), then I would suggest having the option to have all new photos automatically added at the END of the album.  That way the only way the numerical place would be changed would be if photos are deleted (in which case, the wrong-link issue still exists, but hopefully is less frequently occuring.)

Otherwise, it would be nice to have a way to link to a specific photo in an album that is somehow pointing to it in a way that is permanent and not affected by other photos in the album.  I'm not sure what that would look like.

Thanks for your consideration.  This stumbling block is really the only big thing that makes this user experience difficult for me.

Jen Weber

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