moderated Changes to Subscription page layout #suggestion

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

While I've been testing the changes to Email Delivery and Message Selection options, I had some thoughts about the layout of the Subscription page:

  • The length of this page is now greater than it was a while back following the addition of several Moderator Notifications (and hopefully there will be another control for the Sponsorship notifications - reminder hint!). If the different panels were collapsed in the same manner as the Group Settings page, it would make it easier to get an overview of the options that can be updated.
  • All the panels on this page relate to information that a member receives from except the Signature panel which is what a member sends and that is sandwiched between other options. If the Signature panel is moved to the bottom of the page, it keeps those panels that relate to information received together. There is also then a logical connection between the placement of the Signature panel on the page and the Signature on an outgoing message as they're both at the bottom.
  • There is now a more obvious relationship between the Email Delivery options and the Message Selection options in the Advanced Preferences so perhaps we don't need an Advanced Preferences at all. Instead, move the options currently in Advanced Preferences into the Email Delivery panel and make it look exactly the same as the Default Subscription Settings panel. Having a single layout to control these options would make it simpler to follow.
  • If the current Advanced Preferences options were merged into the Email Delivery panel, it would make it easier to indicate on screen immediately the effect of changing one option on another and eliminate the issue of different update styles I referred to in my previous message.

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