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Andy Wedge

On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 05:03 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

February 11th, 2021

  • CHANGE: When editing your subscription or a member's subscription, if Email Delivery is set to Special or No Email and the Message Selection is changed from All Messages, force Email Delivery to Individual Messages. Conversely, if Email Delivery is changed to Special or No Email, force Message Selection to All and uncheck Auto Follow Replies.
Hi Mark,

On the Default Sub Settings page, the Converse point doesn't work.  When the initial settings are Individual Messages and Following Only, if you change the Email Delivery to Special Notices Only and click the Update Group button a message is displayed at the top of the screen saying Your changes have been saved but the settings remain the same as before.

Also, there are two update styles (my term) when changing these options now. In the case the First Message Also and Auto Follow Replies changes are shown immediately on the screen so you can see the impact of switching between All Messages and Following Only.  However, (on the Subscription page), if you have Individual Messages and Following Only selected and change to Special Notices Only the change of Message Selection to All Messages takes place effectively behind the scenes. It's not obvious it has been done as the Advanced Preferences section is collapsed after changes are saved. An enhanced update message may help here perhaps if the Message Selection has had to be modified based upon Email Delivery.

I'll have a further #suggestion about the Subscription page and will start a new topic for that.


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