moderated Re: Disallow concurrent "special notices" and "following only" #suggestion #bug


Thanks for the fixes Mark!

>>> a new subscription page similar

That's neat, that means my remaining grey matter is still working OK more or less, with the occasional misfire :)

Speaking of misfires, I realized yesterday that in the proposed version I had missed accounting for "Web-only" users (thanks J).  Adding a "Web Only/Online Only" delivery method to the four existing ones took care of it and which now completes the picture.

Also as was suggested, I went over and made sure "email" vs "message" is used in as much a clear and concise way in the text as I could, plus some other text suggestions and my own OCD tweaks.  The updated proposal is attached. 

I also put down the sub screen story on another graphic, user & usage cases and display/logic/mailing rules, also attached.  With the use case info in there it's also easy to write a "Help me decide" user manual page that puts things in context and further explains and shows how to set up the settings to achieve whatever message filtering the user wants, then have a button/link to it in the sub screen.

Any feedback is appreciated to make sure I didn't miss anything. (again)


On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 07:43 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Hi All,
I've been following the discussion. I started to implement a new subscription page similar to what Christos proposed. But I decided, at least for now, to go with a couple smaller changes:
When editing your subscription or a member's subscription, if Email Delivery is set to `Special` or `No Email` and the Message Selection is changed from `All Messages`, we now force Email Delivery to `Individual Messages`. Conversely, if Email Delivery is changed to `Special` or `No Email`, we now force Message Selection to `All` and uncheck Auto Follow Replies.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

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