moderated Re: Disallow concurrent "special notices" and "following only" #suggestion #bug


On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 04:43 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
if Email Delivery is set to `Special` or `No Email` and the Message Selection is changed from `All Messages`, we now force Email Delivery to `Individual Messages`.
That works. Someone wanting to follow topics will now get those messages.

if Email Delivery is changed to `Special` or `No Email`, we now force Message Selection to `All` and uncheck Auto Follow Replies.
That also makes sense. It's less necessary than the first change but it eliminates some confusion.

What's still missing is that Auto-Follow Replies would be more useful (and intuitive) if made subservient to Following Only. The direction that's not a big deal is that checking Auto-Follow Replies without checking FO has no effect (since the person is getting all messages anyway). But the converse is problematic: someone who checks FO assumes, as in some other platforms, that they will automatically follow their own replies. They don't understand that they also need to separately check Auto-Follow Replies. I've had several members fall into this trap. They clearly wanted to follow their own messages/topics and checked FO alone. I had to explain that they wouldn't get their messages/topics that way. After my announcement, they went in and checked Auto-Follow Replies.

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