moderated Re: Disallow concurrent "special notices" and "following only" #suggestion #bug


>>> I fear that no matter what, if anything, is done, there will still be people that don't read the information presented, same as with guidelines or welcome messages.

You're right Duane, and that fact is the reason I personally prefer to make the option/setting title less clinical and more explanatory, if there is something of high importance in the explanation/help text which isn't really being conveyed by the title; it's even more important IMO if that option/setting is presented to the whole audience matrix.  So you just caused me a bit of additional work on this, lol jk, good hint-idea actually and I will create an alternative version of our proposal with more english option/setting titles, leaving the help text as is.

Or possibly also a 3rd version as well where the titles stay as now more-or-less (current proposal), but with the title integrated with the help text as a whole paragraph, with the title bolded.  It may encourage reading the help text because it's now flows together naturally with the title in reading the sentence.



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