Moderated Re: Proposing a change to Hashtag page display on mobile devices #suggestion


Oh well, I will ... see if there is some kind of iPad setting that will let me override the mobile iOS display and instead see the desktop OS version displayed. It was nice to have the choice of which display version I wanted but as in all things time marches on...
Sandi Dickenson

Not on an iPh but sometimes have a similar(?) issue of late.

Sizing IO to read a mag is someyimes a.wrong size for inserted or attached info, text ir chart/etc. Must keep a.closer.eye on tbis to make a better report.

I do find 99% of IO tonbe such a tiny font that reordering my settings to allow landscape mode, (which I turn on only for rare videos,) still results in a small font that I can barely stretch enough to read. No font setting changed have altered anything, so far. Makes me feel like I've lost all ability to function is this common ph-venue.


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