moderated Re: Disallow concurrent "special notices" and "following only" #suggestion #bug


OMG! Listen to this. This is a case in point and the victim was me, myself and I. 

I joined a group several months ago, setting myself up to No Email. A few days ago I got interested in a topic there and went in and "changed" myself (or so I thought) to  Following Only and clicked on Follow This Topic for that topic. Nobody in their right mind - including me, who originally pointed out this issue - is going to think at that point that they would have to undo their No Email setting in order to receive messages from a topic they had just clicked on to follow. You think - and I say this AS THE VICTIM, and as a sophisticated user, and the person who originally brought up the problem! - you think you are *increasing* the emails you receive by choosing to follow some.

So believe it or not, several days later I  couldn't understand why I was not receiving the messages from the topic I clicked to follow.  EVEN AFTER this long, drawn-out conversation, in which I myself brought up the issue on behalf of my group members, I didn't truly understand the psychology of the situation was until I experienced it. I kept checking for days, trying to match my emails with the messages onsite.

Then it dawned on me: I had to go into the OTHER page and remove my No Email setting and change myself to Individual Messages. This is where I would have used the "hit self over the head" option (Chritos's little hammer:-).

That little bit of text "according to your email delivery setting" below the Following Only option does absolutely nothing to warn people about this trap. If I fell into it, even after this discussion, others will, too. You think, when you select Following Only, that you are *changing* from No Email. You're not.

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