Moderated Re: Proposing a change to Hashtag page display on mobile devices #suggestion

Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 08:26 AM, Andy Wedge wrote:
Rather than scroll down and do Next Page I sometimes tap/click on the Name column header to change the sort order.

Thanks Andy for that tip. I do have 100 entries per page already which is likely why the scrolling takes so long to get to the bottom and find the next page arrow. The reverse order you described works great! Once we spill over to that 3rd page it won't capture the one in the middle page, but for now it does what I need. 

Up until this year I have been able to enjoy the desktop website experience on my iPad and it's just frustrating to be handicapped by code that forces me into mobile website displays that make perfect sense when on a 5 inch device. My iPad Pro is the same screen size as my older MacBook Air but my iPad is easier for me to use and has a retina display. I was very content on the desktop view version before the rollout of the mobile-iOS display version and adaping to it has been personally difficult. 

Oh well, I will take the issue to a Mac centric group to see if there is some kind of iPad setting that will let me override the mobile iOS display and instead see the desktop OS version displayed. It was nice to have the choice of which display version I wanted but as in all things time marches on...

Sandi Dickenson

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