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Those are the people that seem to need the most assistance today.
They joined back when joining was simpler ...
Has that changed in some way?
Curiously, yes it seems to have. I'm seeing a number of people who remember how things were before, and now with's streamlining of things they don't understand how things are as simple as they are. Just changing email addresses isn't an obvious process to them. I have a number of members who just quit and rejoined instead.

... and they may have had a spouse to help them. They're older now,
and many have trouble doing much more than replying to posts.
That seems more plausible.
It's not so much age as what type of work they did all their lives. These were blue collar workers who didn't use computers in the workplace. They had computers at home, but their kids used them or their wives learned to use them. Today a number of them get by with the help of friends. I've lost a couple that just dropped off. I don't know if it was because of death, computer problems and no help, or perhaps other technical problems. I was so thankful for the simplicity of the transfers from Y! to because many of these guys never noticed. Most of them didn't start threads, but rather used 'Reply' for everything, so they never noticed. I even had a couple concerned messages when Y! groups announced they were going away. They hadn't quite connected the group moving a couple years previously. Needless to say, I leave these guys on moderation so I can intercept questions and clean up their trailing trash.

But they can tell some good stories and they remember valuable things that would otherwise be lost.


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