moderated Re: Clarify Photo Album Owner Name #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 09:34 AM, I wrote:
However, the owner's name appears in "underlying link blue" which makes it very difficult to read.
While investigating something else (photo related) I made a further discovery about this...

My original assertion is true if both the album owner and the "viewing member" have member - visible entries in the group Directory.

However, if one / the other / both do not have member - visible Directory entries then my comment is not true, and the viewing member sees both "Owner:" and the owner's name in white, which is far easier to see in every example I looked at.

The contrast between an owner's name link and the background provided by the album front photo is IMHO very poor to the point of near - invisibility; white text is much easier to see given the small font.

Short of delinking the album owner's name I'm not sure of a solution to this, assuming of course that you accept the point I am making!


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