moderated "Missing data" for Activity Log filter and/or filter duplication #bug


Hi Mark,

I was doing log research and noticed that when I filter by "Added email alias" I get the entries for the group aliases I have added, but when I filter for "Added group alias" I get nothing, should be the same from a technical POV, since they are really the same from a group perspective, one is the action, the other the end result of that action, which begs the question then, are they both needed? 

Looks like this is a simple case of assigning to the incorrect log event and also not hiding it from the group filters, if you are using the same table/structure for logging both group and user events, as "Added email alias" is more of a user-level event, from the UI POV anyway.  Or something else is the problem, maybe "Added email alias", in the group filters context, was meant to read "Added group email alias"?  I don't know but something's not quite right.


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