moderated Proposing a change to Hashtag page display on mobile devices #suggestion

Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

I use an iPad Pro iOS version 14.3. The new display interface the Hastag page on mobile devices is cumbersome. When we had only a few hashtags it wasn't a problem but now we have them spread over 2 pages and heading to a third.

Mobile devices can easily scroll through a page of entries so I am not sure why a listing of #s need to be broken into different pages. That said, if there is reason for having more than one page, could you please consider putting a "next page advancement" button at the top of the screen? It's fine to leave the existing button at the bottom, but adding it to the top as well would be quite helpful. 

When I tap on the link to the Hashtag page and I am looking to #VO, for example, right now I have to scroll down through all the entries before I can get to the "next page" button. Having the advance button at the top, or allowing me a continuous scroll would be nice options. 

Sandi Dickenson

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