moderated Some poll suggestions #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy


I recently used the polling feature for the first time.  I wanted to gauge how many people (and which people) are interested in a certain feature.  Now that I've used the polling feature once, I have some suggestions:

1. Make it possible to sort the rows by each of the columns.  Right now, rows are sorted only by date of voting.

2. For moderators, have an option to export the poll results as a CSV or Excel file.  Yes, I know one can select & copy/paste, but the result isn't tidy.

3. For moderators, have an extra column next to the names column that shows the voters's e-mail addresses.  In my case, I wanted to compare the voters to a list of e-mail addresses that I had separately, and I wanted to send e-mails to these people, but since for most of voters only their display name was displayed, I had to convert the display names to e-mail addresses by manually looking them up in the group's members.

4. For moderators, hyperlink the voters's names to their profiles.


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