moderated Re: Clarify Photo Album Owner Name #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 12:21 PM, Duane wrote:
But this doesn't resolve the situation where more than one person has added photos to an album.  The album creator is shown as owner until you open a photo.
But is this actually a problem? Accepting that the owner of an album may not be the owner of any or all of the photos within it doesn't look to be a major complication. To widen the discussion slightly... do members get confused when the find that they can upload a photo into album A but not into album B, simply because that is the way the album owners have set them up? Do members get hot under the collar if they find that a Group Owner or Moderator has come along and deleted some material (including complete albums) or moved photos between albums in a rationalisation exercise?

To me there is a risk of going round looking for problems that don't really exist.


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