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I ran into the need for this just yesterday and have yet to actually use it. I have a member in one of my premium groups who applied for a new membership. Because I knew who the person was, I suggested he just change his email address so he stays connected with his content. I explained how he can change his email address, but it didn't work for him. We have been unable to ascertain why. I should add that he wants to change his email for all his memberships, as his old email is going away. 
At this point I don't know what the problem is. The group activity doesn't show me anything. And because his old account is going away, there is a certain desire on his part to do this right away. The obvious solution to me is to change his email address for him. And yet I am hesitant for all the reason to just jump to this for all the reasons we've talked about in the past.
If this ability goes away, it's going to add a burden to support's load. I see an obvious need for the authority. But it tends to be those operating in the right hand lane who need that assistance. I would suggest disallowing the ability to change owners' or moderators' addresses, who are more likely to be able to do that on their own anyway. But for the sake of avoiding more work for Support, leave the ability for owners to help regular members who tend to be less technology savvy.
I can also see a need for the ability to merge membership accounts. I have had a number of members who rejoined as a new address, leaving their old accounts orphaned. I would welcome the ability to merge their old email account into their new one to maintain content control.
From my viewpoint the problem is the user of the authority, not the ability. As noted above, taking away the ability to change an owner's or moderator's would avoid most on these risks. Added to this, I suggest that a moderator should not be able to change the role of owner. I see hijacking the ownership of a group to be a greater problem.
J_Catlady  wrote:
> I would ask those members to reapply with the new email address. Or you csn simply add the new email address. If necessary, you can merge their old topics once they start posting.


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