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This is a feature that I would wholly support. During the initiation of a new group of now over 100 members, about 75% did not add a ‘Display Name.’ I had to send out an addendum notice to tell them they should do that, and guide them on how to do that. This was even with a caution/note added to the Invitation that it was the group insistence that everyone be readily recognizable and no one be ‘Oldhoseroller’


‘Forcing’ a Display Name’ to be entered during the sign-on would be helpful.




Dan Tucker,  AFDRetiree’s Group Founder/Owner/Moderator


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Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 at 8:57 AM
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Subject: [beta] Add DisplayName in the "joined" notification #suggestion


Hi Mark,

It can be useful in certain situations if DisplayName is added in the mod joined notification text, i.e.

This is to notify you that DisplayName ...@... has joined your group...

or alternatively,

This is to notify you that ...@... (DisplayName) or [DisplayName] has joined your group...

Even without the bracketing it would help catch if someone (user or mod) forgot to add a DisplayName on the profile (when this is a group policy), and especially when working with a multi-mod group in such group.

Thanks and Cheers,

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