moderated Changing email address security issue #misc


Hi All,

Premium group owners have the ability to change the email addresses of their members. The email address is changed on the member's account, so affects all their subscriptions. As was pointed out to me privately, this presents a security issue. If a member is an owner of another group, this feature provides the ability for a nefarious group owner to take over that other group, by changing the email address of the member to a new email address controlled by the baddie.

I have changed the feature so that you cannot change the email address of a member who is a moderator or owner of a group.

Should I make other changes? Should the change only affect that one subscription? That is, if someone is subscribed to 2 groups, and the moderator of one of those groups changes that person's email address, should I then create a new account, splitting off that one subscription?


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