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Thanks for taking care of suggestion 1.

>>> What if a message is sent by a non member, and then later that person becomes a member? Does the badge stay on the message when viewing the website? And vice-versa, if a member sends a message and then leaves the group, should a badge be displayed then?

Here's one way it could be accomplished, UI part first.

We can use that unused area between the name and date.  It could be something like this for a Non-Member message:


It would stay there indefinitely unless that user becomes a member, in which case it would go away.

(Or possibly change it to a new badge, something like NEW or NeM "New Member", aptly colored and timed so it goes away after some time has passed since the user joined.  This would now becomes a "new group member" badge as other online forums use, the ones offering group status/standing badges and such; after some time, or maybe number of posts, it goes away)

If they leave, we display now something like XM, "Ex Member", "permanently"; that would help identify to readers messages posts from ex-members:

- If that user sends-in a NM message to the group and it gets approved, it would be shown with both Non- and Ex-member badges.

- If that user comes back, the Approve-member process would check to see if they have been a member before, in which case the normal "new user" designation would not be applied on their posts or displayed; technically they are a "new" member, but we wouldn't want their previous posts being shown with NEW next to them for a while, they just rejoined, like they never left.

This visual scheme could also be replicated in other areas like Files and Photos so it takes care of orphaned display issues.

If admins start complaining that the message looks like an xmas tree or something, a badge-display on/off checkbox can be added in group settings.

The nice long-term potential benefit of using the badges like that in the UI, is that if in the future it is decided to actually offer this type of membership status/standing badges (new user, experienced user, prolific poster, contributor, whatever), the infrastructure will already be there.  It could potentially even be extended to allow the mod to set that badge as a "functionality" badge, i.e. Chairman, Secretary, Officer, Treasurer, etc, so one could visually see in topic-expanded view who is what and how their message relates to their function.

If something like this is implemented, the NonMember badge, & possibly the ExMember as well, would be available to all groups, but all the extensibility stuff I mentioned could be paid-only groups, or paid upgrade feature.

Regarding the email part:

- Flag the mod's pending message notification: "A message was sent .... from non-member ...@... that needs to be approved.", bolded so it stands out.

(It could also be further tweaked to where it will alert the less-experienced mod whether a user is in both pending-member and pending-message queues:  "A message was sent .... from (pending) non-member ...@... that needs to be approved."  The same check could then be also added in the pending member notification email as well: "...@... (having pending messages) applied to join your group  Or something like that)

As for identifying somehow in the email sent out that it was from a non-member, using a hashtag to indicate this could work, as it would be readily visible, and would also allow someone to view only non-member posts by clicking on the hashtag; but on the other hand, we are "modifying" the subject, and it would also require that hashtag to be actively (manually or automatically by code) deleted (or changed) from the archive by someone, so it would require more admin or implementation work, plus then you'd have the problem of someone replying to the original #nonmember tagged email, causing more headache...

Instead, we could identify the NM message by using the footers, something like this maybe:

View/Reply Online ... | Reply To Group | Reply To Sender | Follow This Topic | New Topic| .....
Your Subscription | Contact Group Owner | Unsubscribe [...@...]
Note: This message was sent to the group by a non-member.   (bolded or not)

Besides it being out of the way but still spottable, it also "replicates" the UI NM badge that goes away since that snippet would also go away after the person gets approved.  And also as in the UI equivalent, that line could also now serve for this "emailed badge(s)" functionality from now on, so it still replicates the UI, albeit not retroactively as the UI does, the snippet in the email case also can serve as a "historical" badge.

Finally, a mission creep statement: If we were to implement this and start showing the NM badge right now on the UI, it may be beneficial to also roll-in displaying the Mod or Owner (or Admin for both) badges like other forums do.


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