moderated Re: Non - Member Posts #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 06:31 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote avout my Suggestion 1:
I've changed the badge color to red for NM and Non Member respectively.
Many thanks for that change.


My Suggestion 2: This is trickier and not quite obvious to me how to handle. What if a message is sent by a non member, and then later that person becomes a member? Does the badge stay on the message when viewing the website? And vice-versa, if a member sends a message and then leaves the group, should a badge be displayed then leaves the group, should a badge be displayed then?

I can see and fully understand the point you make. I think Glenn's
Thus, a tag or whatever is asserted to be true at the time of sending, but not either before or later is a good way of using some "identifier" without having to make widespread changes across each and every group, e.g. when a member leaves. As things stand photos posted by a member who then leaves are currently orphaned, although messages they have posted remain attributed to them. 

I still think some sort of marker would be of use, but can see why you are a bit hesitant about it!

Anyway I will put something on beta docs about the NM badge as unless something has changed in the last few days the NM badge is not mentioned at all.


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