moderated Re: Non - Member Posts #suggestion


On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 8:05 AM Chris Jones via <> wrote:
If a group is set to allow posts by non - members any such post is placed in Pending with a badge attached to inform any passing owner or moderator that the post is from a non - member. However, that badge uses the letters NM against the standard blue background. As such, unless examined more closely, it looks very like the NMM badge so the possibility of confusion cannot be ruled out. When the post is opened for checking before release (or rejection) then the badge is expanded to read Non Member against the same colour blue background. Obviously this is rather less easy to misinterpret.

I've changed the badge color to red for NM and Non Member respectively.
Suggestion 2: Somehow flag up the fact that any given post is from a non - member for both web UI & email reading. Perhaps use a default Display Name of Non Member or a message level #hashtag advising a non - member message.

This is trickier and not quite obvious to me how to handle. What if a message is sent by a non member, and then later that person becomes a member? Does the badge stay on the message when viewing the website? And vice-versa, if a member sends a message and then leaves the group, should a badge be displayed then?


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